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I watch way too many shows and I love it. I like talking about the shows I'm following and I look forward to my weekends to binge on full seasons.

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I was so excited to see one of my favorite book series put into TV show form. This is such a disappointment. The acting is absolutely terrible. The characters aren't true to their book descriptors (which is common) and which I could get over visually but their personalities don't match.

Life Sentence

While this was a sweet and heartwarming show most of the time, I really couldn't connect with the Stella, the main character, because of her choices. Her husband blew it but the show didn't explain her feelings at all and switched her focus completely. She didn't get a chance to explain herself either.

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I absolutely love this show. It has the perfect mix of politics with romance and scandals galore! I want to be a gladiator for Olivia Pope and just jump in the screen and be there.

If you're looking for a real drama with minor police, pop culture, serial killers, CIA/FBI/White House, political scheming and all of what comes with the combinations this is definitely the show for you.

Season 5 has been less appealing than the first 4, but I have hope for the next season.