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I've always enjoyed escaping the drama, shooting, and so many scary things that happen daily around us, by watching movies. At least, I know that all is supposed to be unreal in movies. Enjoy them for what they are. Fortunately (or not), my job required me to be on computer 24/7 (almost) & therefore, I use my skill of multitasking & always watch something on a side window. Very very picky for comedy. This is a great way to keep track of my shows. My Reviews are mainly based on storylines.

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Favorite Airing Shows - Can't Get Enough

11 Shows

FOR CURRENTLY AIRING SHOWS TV shows that I don't want them to finish. One hour seems to be like five minutes and I wish I had the patience not to watch so I could watch…

Favorite Concluded Shows - I Miss These Concluded Shows

47 Shows

FOR CONCLUDED SHOWS Not much to add but the fact that as the shows were airing, they were on my list of top 5 to watch first, every week. Even wish some series running…

Bored With show & Trying to Catch Up & Almost Giving Up on the Show

3 Shows

I don't like to quit what I start but sometimes it is just too time consuming with little result or satisfaction. These shows were/are either too long or a story line…

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