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I've always enjoyed escaping the drama, shooting, and so many scary things that happen daily around us, by watching movies. At least, I know that all is supposed to be unreal in movies. Enjoy them for what they are. Fortunately (or not), my job required me to be on computer 24/7 (almost) & therefore, I use my skill of multitasking & always watch something on a side window. Very very picky for comedy. This is a great way to keep track of my shows. My Reviews are mainly based on storylines.



Grace and Frankie

All I can say: it is hilarious. I do not like comedy and rarely watch. But this is my kind of comedy. Real, subtle and healthy.
Rare kind of friendship these days.


I watched barely 30 min. into the first episode and then I gave up getting bored. Nothing was interesting enough and even the story didn't make sense to give me something to hang on to and keep on watch that maybe something comes out of it.
So, I just gave up for now, until I see other reviews by the end of first season. Out and Over :D

Second Chance

Just after the first episode I want more. I think this is a promising show if they don't mess it up. I see so much into it and I love the humor.