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Time After Time

This is not a review, but more of a side note.
ABC canceled the show after five episodes (as listed on sidereel). But there are 12 episodes and you can see the whole season, if you know where to search :p

Wisdom of the Crowd

I don't know why people keep comparing this show to APB. "Filling the void" and such. Seriously.
Using average folks to solve crimes? Sheep-minded people? LOL. But the idea for the show is great. If what you want is to get average people to like it and get a 2nd season, then the producers did a great job. In theory anyway :)))

24: Legacy

24: Legacy. Legacy? Of what? I'm sorry to say this, but this legacy sucks.
1st episode - the only good thing: the tick-tock.
2nd - "oki, maybe it had a little start problem, lets try again. Im sure the plot will get better." Not.
3rd - "yeah, oki, nevermind.. Hoping for the episode to end soon."

After the first episode, it took me 2 days to re-watch season 1 of the original series. Couldn't stop myself. Season 1. No high-tech (oki, there was some, but you know what i mean), no drones, no hacking, no torture.
Now, 24: Legacy. I've seen 3 episodes so far and i hate that i have to watch the whole season. Yes, i have to. I have a problem, can't stop just like that... :p Fortunately, the show will only have 12 episodes per season (their words, not mine).

This is not about the actors. And i know that Carter is not supposed to be the new Bauer. We cant compare them. We shouldn't. But the producers, the directors, screenwriters, someone made a mistake (or more). And that is bad news for us, the ones hoping for a nice show...