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T.J. DeGroat

University of New York, class of '02.

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Important TV

3 Shows

Sometimes difficult, but important television.

En español

5 Shows

Mis shows latinoamericanos y españoles preferidos.

Midseason 2017: New Shows

11 Shows

What's expected for winter/spring 2017.

Armchair Travel

3 Shows

My favorite travel and travel-adjacent TV.


71 Shows

See what I did there? Great shows to watch during LGBT Pride Month.

Fall 2016: New Shows

65 Shows

The broadcast networks' new fall shows, with more to come!

Summer 2016: New Shows

42 Shows

Just the new stuff, premiering Memorial Day through late August.

Ladies of Late Night

4 Shows

Aaaand that's it, folks!

All Day Err Day

5 Shows

Shows I will always watch if I happen upon them, or that I will turn to on a rainy or sick day.


14 Shows

Shows I really need to get to.