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I'm not often compelled to write reviews, but this show deserves it. The Haunting of Hill House is billed as a horror and it certainly has elements of Horror in it, but at its heart it's a story about coping with trauma. I needed to take breaks from watching the show, not because I was scared, but because the raw emotions were too much to take in large doses. This is the story of a family ripped to shreds and shoved back together only to find that their pieces no longer fit. Their jagged, broken edges causing each other undue pain and agony as they asses who they've become in light of what they have (or have not) seen. I ached for this family to find closure in a way I never would have anticipated. Even if you do spot the twists coming, it's worth the ride to watch this family fumble through the dark in search of resolution. I'd go so far even to say that seeing the twists coming makes them all the more painful.

Don't be deterred by the marketing; even the faint of heart can enjoy this, provided you have enough kleenex.

Locke & Key

This show suffers from not knowing who its audience is. It seems like it should be a kids' show, then it goes off and shows a woman strangling a man to death during sex. It's neither edgy enough for adults nor tame enough for children; it meekly wallows in the liminal space between the two. Sprinkled throughout it are cute, charming even, moments but not enough to call it a charming show on the whole, nor is it scary enough to make it a horror. It's a piece of gravel that's been put through a rock tumbler to remove all of its edges.

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this show suffered due to one very grave omission--they never included before and after shots. Generally, if you want to show how grand a transformation a space has had, you should show the before and after, but they just never did. The judges gushed over how the designers had revolutionized the space but unless you memorized what they looked like in the initial reveals, chances are you won't remember by the end of the episode. It seems like quite a strange oversight.