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Back back back back again

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These shows have come back... Here's hoping round 2 is as good

Shows that I quit

29 Shows

Shows that I couldn't get into and probably never will

Shows I love

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I wouldn't recommend all of these to the same person (unless they are a TV nerd like me) but these shows will forever be my favourites.




Overall, a great show. The middle sucked a bit, but keep at it. I went from loving some characters to hating them then back to loving them.

The ending is a bit of a dud, so don't expect it to be summed up amazingly. Even though they knew the show was ending and had the time to plan and tie up as many things as possible..

One Tree Hill

This show has been and continues to be my favourite of all time, From early teens into my twenties I will never refuse a rewatch! The music alone makes it worth a good watch.

Sex and the City

a must-watch for girls in their twenties