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Back back back back again

1 Show

These shows have come back... Here's hoping round 2 is as good

Shows that I quit

29 Shows

Shows that I couldn't get into and probably never will

Shows I love

39 Shows

I wouldn't recommend all of these to the same person (unless they are a TV nerd like me) but these shows will forever be my favourites.

Shows that end terribly

7 Shows

Cancelled and left on a cliffhanger, never summed up well or just plain rubbish finale episode/season


95 Shows

watch every episode. all concluded

To finish

38 Shows

or to catch up on. started but stopped for some reason, will get back to at some point

To watch

244 Shows

from the start. either have never watched or have only seen episodes here and there

Currently watching

23 Shows

shows currently airing, on hiatus or that i've recently started