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"Fluffy" might not be the right word, but shows that tug at your heartstrings or make you feel good basically! Heartwarming uplifting stuff. Watched all this, and I'm…

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About a Boy

The first 3-4 episodes are boring, but after that, the show gets - and remains - both hilarious and adorable. Give it a chance, you'll love it!

So weird, so crazy, so fun! It's a shame it wasn't renewed, but it does work as a 10 episode limited series and is definitively worth your time.
And now for a not-so-off-topic recommendation: if you like a combination of mystery, comedy and overall weirdness, you should check out Gravity Falls! It's completety different, but just as awesome. (And conversely, if you liked GF, I'm pretty sure you're gonna enjoy this!)

Virgin River

Old-school in every way. Try the Norwegian 'Home for Christmas' instead.