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Watching tv-shows is what I do ;)

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TV Shows with DC and Marvel heroes

Good at first but then became bad

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I had such high hopes for you guys, but apparently you let me down =(

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Just a bunch of shows I finished to the end, with sweat and tears. Minimum requirement of 2 seasons to get on this list.

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The costume design is gorgeous and the story is exciting, what more could you ask for? A strong female lead in a sexist environment. Agent Carter is all I ever wanted and if I don't get a season 2 I will be devastated. It's been long since I've been this much in love with a show. Straight up to my all time favorites.

The 100

I haven't read the books, so I can say my impression of this tv-show is unbiased to the "real" story. With that said, I love this show. It's not many shows that have me this excited to watch it, and with the current events, I can only say the plot gets even more exciting. This show has interesting and complex characters, LGBTQ representation and a lot of post-apocalyptic bad ass tropes. It also has space. :D

Since I watched the movie From Dusk till Dawn, I've always wanted a continuation of the story. There were so many hints to a bigger plot in the ending and I was really sad that we had nothing more. Until they announced the tv series, and I'm telling you it doesn't let down, not even does it continue the story, the first season that plays out over the time of the movie has more in-depth story and plot than we could wish for. It's just really an amazingly exciting tv show and I love it to pieces. The second season left us with quite a surprising turn of events and I can't wait to see what happens. This show has only made me love all the characters even more.