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The first thing I did after moving to my own place was get a 55-inch TV. My DVR fills up fast because I have extreme difficulty canceling a series pass, apparently. When I'm not watching the teevees, I'm planning new features for SideReel!

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Little Boxes

5 Shows

More power to these folks! I would struggle to live like this...

Dan Harmon is a Twisted Genius

8 Shows

A dark and hilarious realm.

Chilling with my Roommate

14 Shows

Shared joys are the best joys.

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I stand by my pan. Every character is one-dimensional and clich├ęd and the tech is a strange combination of ho-hum and silly. Genius is not synonymous with social awkwardness or in Walter's case, raging egotism.

The only saving grace was the preposterous airplane v. sports car scene, which was well executed despite being absurd.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Expectations completely exceeded... this show is hilarious and more than just Andy writ large. This is the funniest show on my slate these days!

You know what is better than a few celebrity interviews? Four possibly drunken celebrities sitting on the same couch while interviewed by a fabulously funny and flamboyant Irishman.

Throw in the some internet fails, musical guests, skits, occasional audience participation, the RED CHAIR, all with a UK spin and that is one amusing show.