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The first thing I did after moving to my own place was get a 55-inch TV. My DVR fills up fast because I have extreme difficulty canceling a series pass, apparently. When I'm not watching the teevees, I'm planning new features for SideReel!

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Little Boxes

5 Shows

More power to these folks! I would struggle to live like this...

Dan Harmon is a Twisted Genius

8 Shows

A dark and hilarious realm.

Chilling with my Roommate

14 Shows

Shared joys are the best joys.

Total Tattoos

24 Shows

Apparently, we are all obsessed with body art.

Too Many Vets

12 Shows

Apparently, we're obsessed with vet shows. I mean, who doesn't love aminals?

Rich People Problems

12 Shows

Who doesn't love rich people? And their not problems? Wait...

Game of Shows

5 Shows

E'erbody may hop on the Game of... bandwagon, but nobody has as many dragons.

Hannibal Withdrawal

11 Shows

If I can't have my Hannibal, I'll just have to watch the cast in other shows! Or just find gorgeous, creepy, well-crafted substitute series to watch instead.

North to the future!

43 Shows

Seriously, how many shows about Alaska do we need? Apparently, all of them.

Zaz's Top Shows

12 Shows

These shows are the ones that make me the happiest right now. Do yourself a favor and check them out!