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The first thing I did after moving to my own place was get a 55-inch TV. My DVR fills up fast because I have extreme difficulty canceling a series pass, apparently. When I'm not watching the teevees, I'm planning new features for SideReel!

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Canceled Before Their Time

15 Shows

These shows did not deserve such an early demise...

It's Spoilerin' Time!

61 Shows

All the shows the guys at Cordkillers (formerly FrameRate) have discussed in their "spoiled shows" segment of the podcast. Enjoy!

My Guilty Pleasures

8 Shows

Sooo... these are definitely not the best shows on TV, but I just can't help myself.

Ladies Kicking Butt

13 Shows

These ladies get it done and know how to kick some ass. Bam!

Best Shows EVAR

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These are hands down the best shows that have ever been. Don't argue, I'll fight you.

Former Obsessions

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Once upon a time, I was obsessed with the shows.