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The first thing I did after moving to my own place was get a 55-inch TV. My DVR fills up fast because I have extreme difficulty canceling a series pass, apparently. When I'm not watching the teevees, I'm planning new features for SideReel!

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I Quit You

24 Shows

Typically I'm terrible at quitting shows, but these shows I walked away from in the end or just sort of randomly lost interest. This doesn't count screening pilots of…

Live-Action Marvel Comics

8 Shows

Cartoons are awesome, but isn't this a wee bit better? Plus, movie tie-ins!


6 Shows

This magnificent lady is the new hotness.

Dick Wolf Is On The Case

26 Shows

Hey, he practically invented an entire genre of television all on his own. Shout out.

Friends Forever

22 Shows

I'll always be there for you, friend.

Heather Locklear Gets Around

12 Shows

She'll always be Amanda Woodward to me.

Ted Danson Is The Man

12 Shows

He may have gone gray (white!) but he's still crushing it on the small screen, y'all.

All Mark Harmon, All The Time

14 Shows

The dude has been around for awhile and still looks damn good.

Cartoons That Kids Should Not Be Watching

12 Shows

These shows may be cartoons, but they are definitely for adults!

Power Couples

25 Shows

These dynamic duos take the TV world by storm.