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Set in modern-day Paris, the series focuses on a teen-aged junior high school girl named Marinette Dupain-Cheng and her classmate Adrien Agreste. When evil arises in Paris, Marinette becomes Ladybug, while Adrien becomes Cat Noir. However, neither know each other's secret identities. Together, they're a crime-fighting duo who protect Paris against the mysterious villain Hawk Moth.

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Anything can happen in a cartoon, and sometime I just don't feel like looking at actual peoples' faces.
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These shows may not fit my demographic, but I don't care.

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Growing up on DC & Marvel comics during the 70's, I'm thoroughly addicted to the emerging "universes" on all sides -- and equally thankful to see quality "Sci-Fi" re-emerge during the Peak TV era. Mix in a bit of animation, the odd comedy, drama and/or literary redux and there you have it : Miraculix's Modern Media Mix
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