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'''My Hero is a British television series that first ran on BBC One from February 2000 to September 2006. The series is a comedy, whose central character is a superhero named Thermoman, who hails from the planet Ultron, and the series deals with situations that ensue as he learns about the people of Earth. "Thermoman" uses the alias of George Sunday (portrayed by Ardal O'Hanlon and later James Dreyfus), who has a romantic relationship with Janet Dawkins (played by Emily Joyce). The two later marry and have two children, Ollie and Cassie.

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Show's that look good, and I'm not tracking
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If you want to die satisfied, watch the shows on my list.
Crazy to be Concluded so early or at all.
Supernatural, magic, superpowers ...
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these girls are hilarious.
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Shows where the plot is centred around family life.