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Pimp My Ride is a reality show on MTV in which a car in poor condition is restored and done up for its owner. The show picks young car owners (requirements limit participants to ages 18-28) living in the Los Angeles/Southern California area. An episode of Pimp My Ride generally begins with the participant showing his or her car off, and convincing MTV why it needs to be "pimped". After this segment, rapper Xzibit (however, some guest host like Chamillionaire) shows up at the participant's house, takes a look at the car himself, makes wisecracks about the particular things that are wrong with it, and promises the owner a complete makeover of the vehicle.

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If you want to die satisfied, watch the shows on my list.
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Anything To Do With Cars
Some docutainment series I watched, mostly on german tv channels DMAXX, Sport1 or MTV Europe
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by vacu0us

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