The File of Young Kindaichi Returns

The File of Young Kindaichi Returns

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Sat on YTV (Japan)

Concluded (Japan)
1 Seasons, 25 Episodes
30 Minutes
9 tracks
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Kindaichi mysteries are whodunnit stories featuring (usually multiple) gruesome murders, often with a supernatural tinge. They are typically of the style of John Dickson Carr, and frequently feature a locked room mystery[5] or other seemingly "impossible" crimes, such as a murder occurring when all surviving suspects have (apparently) airtight alibis. A notable distinction of The Kindaichi Case Files is that the killers are not depicted as psychopathic murderers and the murders are never committed for financial reasons alone. The identified killers all have deep rooted problems, often involving great emotional trauma through the greed or thoughtlessness of others, as their reasons for committing the murder(s). Thus the killers are often portrayed as sympathetic figures, as opposed to cold, calculating killers in some other mystery series. In addition of this, after being revealed the criminal usually attempts to commit suicide.
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