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Wilfred the series was based on the original short film Tropfest winner of best comedy in 2002. This also starred its creators, Adam Zwar and Jason Gann, Gann winning best actor at the Tropfest awards. The story of Wilfred was based on a bad date that Adam went on. Each episode follows the story about a girl named Sarah, her dog Wilfred and her boyfriend, Adam. After their first date, Adam goes home with Sarah and meets her scruffy pet dog Wilfred, but Adam (as well as the audience) sees the latter as a human dressed in an unconvincing dog costume. The dog develops a grudge against his owner's new boyfriend and tests him to see if he is capable of being his new "daddy". Thus the unsuspecting Adam, who is keen on winning Sarah's heart, has Wilfred to contend with.

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Unless the money was good enough.
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Shows where the lead character and some where all the characters are bad people. Yet they are so fun to watch.
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