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Danish women, that loves tv shows and all that intales. Mostly watching drama´s ore cop shows, but also like a good comedy now and then.

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concluded but not forgotten

15 Shows

some of the series, you´re still hoping for another season.


3 Shows

Some of the very best from Canada

The best from the Aussis

5 Shows

aussi series, some of the best.



Blue Bloods

Jeg har altid været vild med cop shows, og så familie dramaet oven i, så bliver det ikke meget bedre.
En serie der tag mange current avents op, og som giver et godt indblik i politiet, og retssystemet i USA.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

absolutely love this show, love the banter their goes on between the cast. If you are looking for a good laugh watch this show.
One of the best comedies running right now.

(sorry for my english, we can´t all be native english speaking)


A cop show with alot of drama, i mean alot.
you get the rush of a cop show, with the drama of coworkers being more than that, and the action with eksplosions and a lot of gunfights.