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So many things I want to say here... I'm the mom of a special needs child (autism spectrum), and I can absolutely relate to Minnie Driver's character and the fight involved with getting your child what he or she needs in a system that doesn't want to deal with anything that might be even a little bit challenging. You do end up going off, and people see you as crazy, and heck... Sometimes you do feel crazy because you are a little bit. Driver is absolutely NAILING IT in this role, and we moms can take a minute to laugh at ourselves-- a laugh that's very much needed sometimes. (And boy do I need that license plate!)

Micah Fowler is wonderful as her son, reacting to the ridiculousness of people who treat those with disabilities as if they're aliens, lepers, or toddlers, and it looks like this character is an apple that didn't fall too far from his mother's tree when it comes to sass. In a world with so many outside looking in shows about disabilities where the family and child are constantly feeling sorry for themselves, this is a refreshing and needed change in perspective.

Also worth mentioning is John Ross Bowie (Kripke from "The Big Bang Theory") providing his usual snarky charm as the father of the family. Bowie's character is the balance of the family, providing a little calm and sanity when his wife and kids need it while still remaining supportive. I dare say that he's dangerously close to being too perfect, but we are just getting started.

Finally, I want to add that it's nice when I genuinely enjoy a pilot episode. I didn't feel like I was being led by the hand through exposition, which is rare and why I usually hate pilots. For a show to be enjoyable to me from the start says something about the show overall. I really hope this one sticks around.


I just don't know. I don't hate it, but I don't love it, so I'm giving it a couple more episodes to see if it grabs me. I have to remind myself that I wasn't immediately sold on The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf, either, but now I love those shows.

Good Witch

Wholesome entertainment or not, there's no complexity at all. Characters are far too one-dimensional, with the lead being the ultimate in Mary Sue characters. Even on shows like Full House and The Brady Bunch we saw characters who could and did make mistakes that they would then learn from.