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I lllooovvveee watching new shows, and exploring the different stories that people have come up with. I mostly love drama, but that is not all I would watch. I will try everything at least once.

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OMG (yes I just said OMG don't hate ;-)) I loved this show. I was so sad when it got canceled. This show is about these people with awesome super powers. They have to learn to be different, and adapt to their powers. The show takes place from a couple of different perspectives, but it is still easy to follow. And of course there is a villain, but he is an awesome villain, not like those lame ones that are pure evil and totally clique.
There is a character that can connect to everyone, and it is just so BEAUTIFUL.


If you like politics, drama, or suspense, then this show is probably for you. Scandal is a show about a woman who helps people with there "scandals" in the government. The thing is that she has some pretty high connections, such as the President himself. She helps solve other people's problems while trying to fix her own, sometimes life threatening problems, WITH FLARE.


This show is good if you like action because that is all it has going for it right now.