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Late Night Drinking Shows

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A list of all those shows drinking only makes even more fun. (Sassy quips are encouraged.)

Late Night Watches

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Need something fun to watch while dealing with insomnia? Watch these!


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Game of Thrones

Besides having an awesomely, awesome theme song that gets you pumped for every episode, the intense amount of intrigue, political drama, love stories, and mysticism in Game of Thrones make for a very interesting and captivating television drama. Well-acted, well-scripted, and with a fantastic story, this fantasy series is unlike any other.

The Fall

A shockingly underrated show, The Fall follows a serial killer and the woman trying to catch him. With Gillian Anderson's (X-Files, Hannibal) and Jamie Dornan's (Once Upon A Time, Fifty Shades of Grey) amazing portrayals of characters, The Fall becomes a thought-provoking show which deeply analyzes human psychology and morality. It's a fantastic show!

Orphan Black

A tense and interesting drama, Orphan Black explores differences in human psychology as well as ethical boundaries in science. It's fun to watch the mystery unravel, but it is even more entertaining to watch Tatiana Maslany play over five different clones throughout the series. I'm sure that there are more clones and mysteries to come as the show becomes more complex and more interesting.