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This revival comes to show that you should leave your golden memories from the past decade behind so that they don't get tarnished. The episodes vary heavily in quality. Kelly Bishop is an absolute delight and her character's ark was what saved it for me. Generally the episodes feel dated because they seem to have been intended for the time that we left Rory and Lorelai and not several years later. Their own self-indulgence used to induce binge-breaks for me before, but in these episodes you just want to slap them or have a non-violent clear intervention (probably needing some device to mute the "banter"). Especially Rory, who is painted as this "representative millenial" while other millenials are caricatured is an insult. As a millenial myself I don't feel represented by her and I wanted to scream at her to check her privilege and get over herself. These were not the characters you wanted to root for, there was way too little Melissa McCarthy, but we did get cameos from love interests that I honestly didn't even remember ("Male Lorelai at Funeral" hello!)

These episodes also spoiled my re-watch binge taking all the fun out of it knowing that these main characters just become awful people.


A guilty pleasure which I regularly returned to in moments where I did not need much to be entertained. The storylines and characters are mostly outrageous. The show is saved by Jessica Stroup's performance as Silver and AnnaLynne McChord's perfection as over the top Naomi Clark.

The New Normal

A little preachy at times this show has on and off episodes. Personally I'm not a big fan of Nene Leakes and Ellen Barkin's character for me was part of the reason for the on/off.