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I had been looking forward to this. I love the Kings and the cast, I was expecting a very smart, unconventional show about religion and faith. But there is nothing smart about this. Their discussions about their beliefs stay completely flat and predictable. Michael Emerson feels like a cut-out-villain that is always introduced with a subtlety bordering on 'dun-dun-duuun'. And I'm all for a little sexual tension between the lead characters, but please establish it first before you talk it to death in the first episode! Maybe they fix the uneven direction and writing, but I just don't have any patience to wait for that.

Marvel's Inhumans

Good Lord, what happened here?! No matter how much money was spent producing this crap, it should never have aired. It's just an embarrassment. No one talks or acts the way the writers imagined it here, not even Inhumans. The story was thin and at times completely illogical. I wanted to watch every Marvel show, but this was just unbearable.

Hemlock Grove

There was a time when Netflix only had three original shows, House of Cards, Orange is the new black and this one. I had high expectations, with Netflix's track record and the promising cast. Maybe the contrast between expectation and reality is to blame that I felt so bitterly disappointed. I was bored, the dialogue was cliché and I have never seen Famke Janssen act worse than in this show.