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I like the show, the actors are trying a bit too hard, they need to relax as the show has promise and direction... I think the writers are experimenting with the show,as there is no bond between episodes and they are trying to match it to the original film. they should have thrown the rule book out as the show has value and a great background. Unlike supernatural which has taken a wrong turn , this show can grow. I hope NBC lets it find its sea legs, I am trying hard not to get too attached ...


Rubbish, this show has become confused, is it a drama , a musical or a parody and personally i liken it to cat that has used up all of its 9 lives. let it die already.

Season 9 should have stuck with the angels story line , which has yet to be concluded.. Season 10 even worse.
I should have stopped really after season 8. Now no thanks