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I love this show! So underrated - could have really high ratings if they put the marketing effort into it.


I like where the show is going. Definitely drama at every turn! I'm excited to see what is next...

I Am Cait

Transgender people in our society are ostracized for becoming who they feel like on the inside. Don't we always teach our children to be happy with who they are? Not to let society bring them down just because they are acting like who they want to be.

Now we have Caitlyn who has so publicly and eloquently transitioned and everyone is freaking out? Seriously! Who cares what other people do in their lives, as long as they aren't harming anyone! If you don't like it, it's against your bulls**t religion or whatever... take a hike... just don't watch the show or talk about Caitlyn's transition. Does it affect your life? No! So get over yourself!

Moving on... I think the show is great! You not only get to see her transition, but you get introduced to so many aspects of the transgender world... from young adults, to sex workers, to other public figures... I wish Caitlyn all the best with her life. She deserves to be happy.