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2 eps in, and so far so Goode. ( See what I did there?) Lol

It's dark, mysterious, delicious, and grown up. Glad they didn't turn this into another CW show full of teens (not saying anything's wrong with that, but still). Matthew Goode is sinfully yummy as always. Oh please let's not cancel this one

Episode 5. Had to change my rating from 5 down to 3.5 stars. I'm still enjoying the show, but the MC's are a bit over the top. "I will NEVER leave him" Really, Diana? After knowing a guy for a few days. Then Matthew doing the over the top possessive bit. Hoped they'd have stayed away from these over done teenage tropes, alas, here we are.

His Dark Materials

3.75 stars
I first saw the movie years ago, loved it for what it was: a fun adventure story. Read the books as a result, and I was blown away by Pullman's world. The movie obviously left out a lot of the religious themes, but, they managed to keep that sense of awesome adventure. I think I was better able to appreciate the movie having not read the books at that time.

A lot of fantastic actors in this series. Movie Lyra seems to be better portrayed than show Lyra . Keene seems to be missing that intractable Lyraness. She hasn't done much to earn her new name of Silvertongue in this adaptation.

Mrs. Coulter is amazing, as is Lord Asriel and Iorek. They chose to go in a whole different direction for Lee Scorsby's character. That's perhaps a good idea given that the original performance was so iconic.

Will's character is spot on so far. I love that he was introduced sooner rather than later (which makes sense because some aspects of The Subtle Knife was running concurrently with The Golden Compass).

The visuals of the show are stunning. Cinematography deserves all the stars. Pacing seems to be a bit on the slower side, but I do appreciate that we see things happening inside the Magisterium rather than focusing solely on Lyra. It's such a shame that the daemons are treated as an afterthought or pets, rather than their own characters. Pan and Lyra's close bond is sorely lacking here as well. I don't think they've established that the daemons are their literal souls (if they have, then it was mentioned in passing rather the properly portrayed on screen) I hope they work on it in season 2.

All in all, good adaptation. Will continue watching. Now, I'm off to re-read the series for the 9th time


6 episodes in, and I'm absolutely loving this show. The characters are great, loving the good guys, and the bad guys/gals (looking at you Bet) action sequences off the chain (do we still say that? Lol) I really hope we get a couple more seasons of this yumminess