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I loved Missy Peregrym as Andy McNally on Rookie Blue, so I was looking forward to checking her out on another police/crime type show. However, I was pretty quickly disappointed. The entire vibe of the show is very serious, the characters really don't have any personality and we hardly get to see into their personal lives. The cases were intriguing, but I just couldn't get past the flatness of the show. I gave it a season, but in the end decided not to tune into the second season.

This was one of those shows that I just ate up like candy, the stories were so crazy and addictive. Like an accident you can't look away from. I loved how how fearless Mike and Leah were in standing up to the big wigs and their enforcers, knowing that they would be constantly harassed. I especially appreciated the honesty of Leah and Mike's stories, they both were hurt by Scientology but also were a part of hurting others. It takes a great person to admit their flaws, learn from them and an even greater person to make amends in such a powerful way.

I didn't know much about Scientology before the show but I had received leaflets and walked by a Scientology office. I even considered going in and taking their tests just for fun. I'm so glad I didn't. Now I know how dangerous that road could have been.

I'm so grateful for all the lives that were helped by this show and the personal experiences that were shared. I really hope the members of Scientology get justice for what was done for them and the the organisation is shut down for good.I'm sad to see this show then, but I'm confident that Leah won't give up her fight and that we'll here more from her in the future.


My roommate and I did tv nights together, and one of the shows he wanted to share with me was Castle. While I definitely enjoyed the banter and Stana Katic's amazing acting chops, I had trouble getting past the corniness of the show. As with many shows the earlier seasons were the best, with more interesting plot lines and big bads than later seasons. As the show progressed it became more and more about the relationship between Castle and Beckett and their constant star crossed lover romance. Watching them come together and break apart again and again was taxing as a viewer and way too trope-y. This left many of the other important characters such as Alexis, Martha, Ryan, Espo and Lanie under developed and lacking in story lines. While this show had a lot to offer in terms of crime and mystery and the arching story line of Beckett's mom's murder the constant focus on romantic relationships as the most important facet in a person's life felt dated.

That being said, I loved Beckett as a character. She is a bad ass woman who is committed to her career, and to the lasting memory of her mother. She is an excellent portrayal of the ebbs and flows of grief and the struggle to move forward in your life while not feeling like you're forgetting the person who still means so much to you. As a person with a background in psychology, I was moved by the accuracy and intimicacy of Stana Katic's portrayal of what it is like to deal with PTSD following her shooting. I wish that the writers would have shown how PTSD can affect people even years after the incident, but I understand the writers had other priorities.

I was very dissapointed in the series finale. The wrap up of the Locksat arch and the "happily ever after" of their romantic relationship was super rushed and not fleshed out in the least. But I guess if you're looking for a sappy romance with a bit of crime and a lot of corny comedy these fall in the plus category.