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To Diversify

26 Shows

I love to change it up. So mix some "heavy" shows with lite ones.

Shows that ended too early

22 Shows

In mine opinion these shows deserved more!

New shows to "watch"

14 Shows

Shows that are in there first season or about to come out. And show much promise.




Normaly I write a more detailed review. But there is no beginning with Lost. So I say: this is one of the best tv shows EVER! I saw the show several times and I still don't get it all.

The Walking Dead

First I was hesitant to start watching this show. I am not really fan of zombie's in tv shows or movies. Besides the first Resident Evil.

But damn I was wrong. What a great show! Especially the building of the characters is so well written. But don't get to attached to any of the characters because they can die in any episode!

The storyline keeps you on your toes. You never know what is gonna happen next. And if there are a few episode's wich are less exciting... BAM they come back strong. For example: the last episode of season 4 was a bit of an anti climax. But the first episode of season 5 was "walker awesome"!


The reason I started watching the show was because of Le Femme Nikita. Although then I had to depend on the Dutch tv channels I watched the episodes when they were on the TV.

How much I liked that show, I liked the new one even more. First off a great cast with Maggie Q as Nikita blowin it away. The pace was brilliant. No on and on plots and milking the same stories for a couple of episodes. The writing is great!

It is to bad the last season were only 6 episodes. This was way to short to write a good ending for a great show!