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American Gods

I think the most important thing to say in a review for those that don't know the book is this: do NOT give up, do NOT get frustrated because you don't understand. You will get it. It has nothing to do with not having read the book or the producers and writers being bad at their job. It's because this is how it is supposed to be. The idea is for you to enjoy it as it is. Enjoy the individual short stories and follow Shadow (who is as clueless as the viewer/reader). And as you watch you WILL get the information and get to know what is going on.

Edit after watching season 1:

I LOVE it. I canĀ“t wait for season 2!

For new watchers, I recommend waiting until chapters 4 and 5 before considering giving up. 4 gives you the story of Laura and Shadow. And 5 makes clearer what is going on with Wednesday, Media, Technical Boy.... If after that you are still not hooked... well... I would still watch to the end. XDDDDDDD But it's probably the earliest you can decide "I know better what it is about, and it's not my thing".

Anne with an E

I wasn't sure about what would come out of this. Anne is dear to me and the fact that it's an adaptation and not 100% following the books was scary. But truth is I've enjoyed every second of it. I had binged all 7 episodes before I realised it. And while some things are new and not from the books I think they've done a good job of keeping this Anne true to the spirit of the Anne we know from the books.


Delightful. I LOVED it. Sad it was gone before I knew it existed. But well worth watching anyway.