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Rachel grew up in sunny south Florida where, sadly, life is nothing like the way it is portrayed in Dexter or Burn Notice. It's far less exciting, which is what likely spawned her excessive TV viewing habit. In a pre-DVR era, this involved multiple VCRs & a stack of VHS tapes.

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San Francisco

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Shows that take place in San Francisco (not necessarily shot there).

Shows that deserve a second chance?

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Gave up after the pilot or second episode, but heard that these shows have vastly improved.



Broad City

Broad City is one of the most creative and laugh-out-loud funny comedies on TV today. Though the plots can be outlandish, Abbi and Ilana have captured 20s uncertainty, dating struggles and friendships to a T. They are also fearless - from what they will say, wear or do, which makes the show all the more delightful.

The Good Wife

I was late to the game on this show - mostly skeptical because I assumed that like many other CBS dramas, the series was serviceable but not essential TV. How wrong was I? The Good Wife - minus a few questionable plotlines (Kalinda's ex-husband) and characters that any series over 3 seasons old likely experiences - is without a doubt one of TV's finest dramas. It is consistently well-written, gripping and relevant; the cases on this show are often ripped from the headlines, Law & Order style, but in a much more subtle way, often offering way more insightful commentary - particularly when the cases pertain to technology. Alicia is also without a doubt one of the - if not THE strongest female character on TV right now.

Gilmore Girls

As I re-watch this series in 2014 I am delighted to report that it has held up over time. Though many years later, the plot and snappy pop-culture filled dialogue is still relevant as ever and Lorelai/Rory remains one of the best-ever depicted mother/daughter relationships on TV.