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Rachel grew up in sunny south Florida where, sadly, life is nothing like the way it is portrayed in Dexter or Burn Notice. It's far less exciting, which is what likely spawned her excessive TV viewing habit. In a pre-DVR era, this involved multiple VCRs & a stack of VHS tapes.

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San Francisco

14 Shows

Shows that take place in San Francisco (not necessarily shot there).

Shows that deserve a second chance?

5 Shows

Gave up after the pilot or second episode, but heard that these shows have vastly improved.

Canceled Too Soon

21 Shows

I still miss these shows.

I Quit You

32 Shows

Shows that I quit before they finished their runs, but I do not regret it.

To Watch

83 Shows

Shows that I have been meaning to watch.

Finish These Shows!

20 Shows

Shows that I gave up on and should one day return and finish watching.