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Hii! This is me trying to keep up with everything I watch. Enjoy the ride if you want :) P.S. I untrack shows I've finished (except favourites). Who knew we could only track 500 shows?! ;)

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The Handmaid's Tale

Heartbreaking, gruesome, powerful, strong. Must watch for everyone.

Big Little Lies

Watch this show, even if it is solely to marvel at the final tidying up of loose ends in the finale.

When I watched the first episode I would have never guessed I would relate so much to the characters. Heck that episode even felt a little dull, but in 4 episodes this show made me feel like I had known these characters for ages. Had loved them for ages. I don't know how they did it. If it was the writing or the acting or the directing, but they made me like, relate, and care for these characters. Even the ones my instinct said were odd. I think I will be picking up the book this summer (I tried before and had trouble getting through the first chapter). Maybe this time, when I already know the characters, I will get into it. If not, I just watch this show again ;P


Well I'm still mad that this show was cancelled. I guess I now have an answer for some questions, but ugh... I have some new ones. Watch this show. It is fun, fast paced, full of emotion & it shows great acting (F yeah Laverne!). Sigh, I guess this one goes in the "I will hypothesize several endings myself"-pile ;)

[review after the first 2 episodes]
I am so sad they cancelled this show. It is fast paced, granted some times a bit too fast. It is also witty, emotional and even in the two episodes it showed progress (I rated episode two 5 stars). Also I am already half way infatuated with some of the characters (Laverne's character & I am super intrigued by Sadie's mom). This would have had a potentially bright future and I will be forever irritated by not knowing the ending of this story.