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Sons of Anarchy

It is hard to explain how a story of a motorcycle club can generate such love and hate . The Sons Of Anarchy are the good guys in much of this story. The FBI and the DEA as well as the CIA and the IRA must be looked at as the bad guys, they are in it more for themselves than anyone else, They want money and power and will be anything to get it. Jax Teller is trying to get his club free of them. HE GETS THIS DONE THE HARD WAY.


We finally have a story with an absolutely perfect finish, no questions unanswered. There are new stories that can be told, this one is done, Thank you

Person of Interest

Many shows have one memorable character It is rare to find one with THREE maybe even four such characters. This is that show you will fall in love with a good portion of the cast. I was hurt when the show ended but at least the ending did satisfy.