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When I found this show i thought it was just going to be a program about a girl living with being a plus size girl in a size 0 world of modeling, much like Drop Dead Diva was for the law office. Wow I was super surprised and a little in love. Not only is about the above its so much more. It has social justice, it has rom-com drama it has a little mystery both criminal and who done it. I wont spoil it for you as it is a must see to understand kinda thing. But if you are part of the world that finds yourself feeling less than and in need of a boost baby watch this.


Normally i am not into robot shows. I find them predictable and a little old hat, Humans, though, has something that has got me hooked.Each episode I am running through the gauntlet of emotions and often find myself yelling at my computer screen demanding another episode.
If as a viewer you aren't into sci-fi or science gargin this is not the show for you. If you have a limited capacity to see past your own needs it isn't either as you will find it a little preachy on the subject of slavery, indentured servitude and sweat shop like treatment of the disadvantaged "robots"
But thats just my two cents.


Well, then, there, now. I wasnt sure what to write, on one hand I enjoy the show, love Tom Hardy, love the cast, but on the other not a fan of the use of the term used for black slaves{Not Negro the other one}, not a fan of the incest is ok cause its true love bull{ so over played and way wrong. } All in all not a bad show , so I will watch for a while.