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Been getting more into watching TV shows for a few years. now I especially love comedy.

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Pilot Was Enough

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Shows I checked out the first episode off, and which I don't plan to continue.


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At its best, this is perhaps the definitive deconstruction of decades worth of TV clich├ęs about marriage. Both humor and drama on Married typically remain low-key, creating a sense of realism that few other shows would even try to attempt. The blend of subtlety, cynicism and earnestness is enlivened by a great cast, most notably a stunning Judy Greer.

Reno 911!

Simply outrageous! As straightforward as the "awfully bad cops mockumentary" concept might seem, Reno 911! isn't afraid to delve into the absurd. This pays off in terms of laughs, just as the actors' will to improvise. In combination these two elements produce unbelievably hilarious scenarios. And while the characters might seem plain stereotypes at first glance, the show gets even better the more you get to know them.

Great News

The setting is far from original, but the characters bounce off each other pretty well. Well, except for Carol, the mother who I knew just from the premise would be annoying, and her overbearingness makes Carol's presence hard to stomach indeed. It doesn't help that the show became increasingly more silly over time on top of that. Too bad, because I really enjoy Briga Heelan's comedic chops as Katie... until the mother shows up.