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Star Trek: Discovery

This show has disappointed me and I was so looking forward too it.

As others have pointed out, this show was set before the 1970's Star Trek, but so much has disappointed me.

1. The hairless Klingons, look nothing like the Klingon Empire of the original Tv shows.
2. A white Klingon really!!!!!! They could have at least made him look more albino.
3. I'm convinced the Klingon they are speaking, was a different Klingon language to the original.
4. In the original, they used hand communicators to chat, and yet this show, which was based before the 70's show, doesnt have communicators, as such. So far they have been built into the device.
5. Technology is more advanced than the 70's show - Yes I realise this is down to TV technology improving, but they should still keep it more like the original.

For people who have never watched Star Trek The Next Gen, voyager, deep space nine or The Original Series, then this is fantastic, but for those who have seen the above shows, this one is disappointing.

The opening theme tune also disappointed me. It was nothing like any of the star trek shows, apart from a slight bit at the end. Even Star Trek : Enterprise had a better opening tune.

But for me, I enjoyed Star Trek : Enterprise a lot more than this show, and ST:E was panned.

I will carry on watching, but I dont think it will go beyond two or three series.

I'm also not convinced by the characters. A mutiny, really? I know it happens but in doing so in the first episode, all we see is a weak captain, who cannot control her ship. I have nothing against female captains, but Janeway makes this captain, look like a pussy cat.

One minute she is telling Michael, she needs her own ship and then the next minute, she's locking her up for mutiny, which means Michael won't get promoted and therefore stay on her ship, to cause issues. Would it not have been better to see Michael getting promoted, Michael having her own ship and then seeing Captain Michael's discoveries. That would have been a show, I would have enjoyed more.


Six or so episodes in and I am enjoying it a lot more. Captain G Lorca is an interesting character, but I fear because of his issues with light, he is either going to come across as another Riddick (Vin Diesel) or be compared to Riddick. However e comes across as more of a Leader, then the captain mentioned earlier. And even willing to appose his commands from above.

The ship in it's own right has a darkness about it, that draws you in, between the engine (I wont spoil it for those who haven't seen it). There are characters who are easily more interesting and watchable than others. Such as wondering if Ash Tyler is going to be a secret agent for someone. Or whether Paul Stammets is going to turn into some kind of Alien, due to mixed DNA.
I am also having trouble warming myself to Tilly. I think her role should have been of an Ensign. We all found Will Wheaton's ensign character annoying in ST:Next Gen but we forgave him because he was an Ensign.

Te uniform also ruins it for me, simply because the newer the Star Trek's the better the uniforms get and seeing this is based Pre Kirk's Star Trek, it makes you wonder how they can go from a Great uniform, to a crappier one that Kirk wears.

As mentioned in this review, I do have a lot of questions. I also don't remember Kirk's Trek having a a Holographic machine ( They used a holographic machine in Discovery, to recreate escaping from the Klingon ship.

Midnight, Texas

As of the day I write this review, my fellow reviewers, gave this show an average of 2.5 stars and I will not understand why.

This show is strangely unique. Yes we have all seen vampire shows, shows about people who can see ghosts. Cannot say I have ever seen a show about a priest that can turn into a tiger, on that matter I dont think I have ever seen a show where anyone can turn into a tiger.

This show I admit has it's ups and downs. Some of you have said it reminds you of true blood, but in all honesty, it reminds me more of something that goes further back that True Blood.... Buffy the Vampire slayer.

Team of "weirdo's" protecting the city from vampires, evilness and other "creatures". On that note, going off topic, Xander from Buffy, still 20 odd years later, every year without fail, will be found at British comic cons that tours the Uk. It's always full of minor celebs.

Back to Midnight Texas, this is still a young show, with a lot going for it. The acting I admit isnt great, especially ffrom the vampires little female sidekick. But once the actors/actresses get used to each other etc I think the show will improve.

So before you review it as a poor show, give it time, see the potential and I promise it will imprive

The Orville

I have mixed feelings about this show. As a comedy it works, and will be a good show for a couple of seasons. But the graphics on this are great, If it was a more serious sci-fi/space exploration TV show, I could have seen this on par with Star Trek, as long as they replaced certain actors ( to make it less of a comedy).

However as a comedy, it is good. I will admit, I kept pausing the show, to look on IMDB to see if a certain actor had been in American Dad/Family guy, which didnt help, but I remember doing the same with Ted. For anyone who wonders though, Only one main regular from American dad, is in the show. I won't spoil who, but he voiced Steve.

I hate to say it, but I think Seth Macfarlane is ruining it. He cannot act, his lines are at the wrong timing etc and I dont feel chemistry between him and the character who plays his ex wife. When people have been married then tends to be a Chemistry, even after a divorce. But because of the poor acting, the chemistry seems false.

This show is a play on many Star Trek shows, such as a character who was similar to B'Elanna Torres From Voyager, but white and called Alara Kitan. Then there is Bortus who will remind you of Worf.

As a comedy value its not brilliant, but then again, take off the canned laughter from The Big Bang Theory and that looses it's comedy too.

I will however be watching this show again. Despite my negativism reviews, I did enjoy the show. The graphics on it though, deserves an award. Although I found aa space ship dancing around another space ship unrealistic, but you have to remember it's a comedy and not serious.