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Marvel's Luke Cage

One of the best shows I have ever watched. If you love Marvel you should watch it!
I canĀ“t wait for "The Defenders"!!

Dark Matter

The show is just unbelievable! I love the mixture of really good science fiction and mystery!
Just watch it. ;-)


Colony is a fairly good Sci-Fi series, while still being very realistic. but where in my opinion the Setting and the Landscape is the best of the show.
I love Josh Holloway on Lost and in the first 2 Episodes he still seems to be good at it.
The series ain't Sci-Fi in a conventional meaning, it does not take place in the space and all tech is, as I stated before, kinda realistic.
Colony is about a rebel group fighting against the government in the future and Josh is trapped right in the middle of it and he is still trying to protect his family.
The story so far is goodish, it could be better, but it got better in the second Episode.

But we will see!
I will definitely keep track of this series!