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I think I am a sci fi addict ;) I have been going through a book reading phase, so hence bringing my tracker down to a manageble size. If you read try Brandon Sanderson, I have been hooked for a while(few months). Getting back into watching now though, so HELLO :)



Well what can I say, I never realised how much I missed watching Legend of the Seeker until I watched the first two episodes of this. Love the books, and so far so good, I love the way they are doing this. Allanon was initially not quite how I pictured him but by the end of the second episode, I am totally comfortable with him. Great start, hope it continues :)
Okay this is getting better and better, its filling the need for role play and making me laugh at the same time. The characters are gelling, and I am totally getting into this. Am I sad or what!!

Update: still loving this, takes me out of reality into a place I would never survive but hey, I wish I was this brave. I hope they don't cancel this, cause I will cry!!

Just watched the last two episodes, absolutely fantastic, I am hoping there are a lot more people out there that LOVE THIS. Looking forward to season 2 :)


This is going to be GOOD, going by the first episode. Almost tongue in cheek :) Like the style :)


Was on the edge of my seat, some of the action was as good as a film. Great build up of tension, and the characters work surprisingly well. Totally unexpected. Will keep watching :)