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Love, Love, Love it! Love them all!

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Teenage Fantasies <3

8 Shows

This is what I remembered mattered when I was a teenager.

Book Adaptations: Books, Graphic Novels and Comics

34 Shows

There is a reason why most of these show were adapted; is the because they books were that good! if you have the time, read the books, you won't be disappointed.




This show was made for Patricia Arquette. No one else could have played this role any better in my eyes. She is the poster picture of what life as a Medium can/should be like and how you can make a difference in the world. Fell in love with her from the first moment.


When amazing science meets the normal everyday world, you get fringe. One of those series that remain with you forever.


I loved loved loved this show! from the first episode to the end. I was a dedicated viewer. Yes the show had it ups and down but they never lost the overall direction of the plot. I am glad they concluded it before it got cancelled