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The Good Fight

I didn't know what to expect from the TGW spin-off, but was willing to give it a chance.

After the first season I must say it was a good decision. TGW
was a truly great show and TGF is continuing in the same manner.

I like Christine Baranski and especially Cush Jumbo's character Lucca Quinn was so compelling.
And Marissa Gold (Sarah Steele), isn't she great and now in season 2 her character seems to get more focus and getting better.

Burden of Truth

Again the actress was my reason to start watching the show. I really liked Kristin Kreuk since Smallville and in Beauty and the Beast. Now here she shows the other side of her talent.

The storyline also is very current. It shows what happens in a small town that is dependent one single company/factory/employer. The health of the kids should be the priority for all and everybody in the community, but unfortunately job security and greed are seemingly more important.

Also very happy that there is a native american storyline included and hope they will keep following this path down.

Looking forward to see how this will go on.


The casting is amazing and right on the MONEY!
See how the 1% is f****** us!
The trailer hooked me already, but after the first episode ... well I HAVE TO WATCH THIS F****** SHOW!!!!!

Showtime knows it's stuff.
I see a great show starting and in the current climate this will be a major hit.