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This show is great! Definitely one to watch if you like superhero, action or drama centered TV shows... The show is structured amazingly, as it both follows a plot in the present, as well as in the past through flashbacks of the years that Oliver was "missing". There is a good balance of action and drama. Each episode tends to have something interesting happening and often ends with cliffhangers to keep us all interested to watch the next weeks episode.

Grey's Anatomy

This is one of the first shows that I started watching! It is one of my absolute favorites, yet it pains me say that I think its time for it to end soon. After the "original" characters began to leave the show, the show began less and less interesting. After Cristina's recent departure, I don't think that show will survive it! It's true that over the years, more and more characters have been introduced who we have grown to love, yet it's time to admit that the show has simply strayed from what it was in the first few seasons to become something completely different. The doctors who were once young and were competing with one another, are now much older and much more drama free... A lot of the drama is now down to the new interns, who in my opinion cannot sustain enough good drama to keep the show original and interesting. Although I will never stop watching until the very end, at some point the show needs to conclude, before it gets stuck being associated with its reputation from the past few seasons, instead of the great show that it once was.

Falling Skies

Sad to see its ending!! I've been a dedicated fan of this shows since it first began... To be honest, it wasn't that much of a surprise to me, as the recent season has not lived up to the greatness that came with the first few seasons. Overall though, this is one of the best alien invasion shows... After having watched a few, I thing this show is quite a touching story about the Mason family and it has been a lovely journey to watch them during their struggles in the "new" world.