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The Crown

It definitely wasn't what I was expecting and it did take me a while before I really got into it. Once I got past the confusing, and slightly boring, first episode, I finally got what was going on and could enjoy it a little more. So many people have compared this to Downton Abbey, which is what made me want to watch this show in the first place (also, Matt Smith!!!), and I think the fact that it's nothing like Downton at all is what made that first episode tough to get through. Once I could accept that fact that it's not Downton and will never compare to that masterpiece, I could watch this show as its own show. I can't really compare it to anything else I've ever seen. It is its own story and should be watched as such. Don't compare it to Downton Abbey or you'll just be disappointed.

This Is Us

One of the sweetest shows out there right now! If you loved Parenthood, you'll really enjoy this show! The flashback scenes kind of come out of nowhere and can be confusing at times to some. But I really am enjoying this show so far. Can't wait for the next episode!


I really tried. I gave this show a really fair shot. I was really enjoying the story they had going. I was really getting into the characters. But I just couldn't get past the horrible acting. I think they need to recast everyone and start from scratch. It was almost really good. I generally love these types of shows, but holy smokes! Needs new actors.