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This show was, at one point, the be all end all of primetime drama. You couldn't look away for a moment while it was on, (hope you took your pre-show bathroom break!), and if your jaw wasn't on the floor by the end of almost EVERY episode, you probably missed something. That being said, I think everyone knows the hamartia of this show was the final season. Ever notice how when shows are ending, reviewers say it could have a phenomenal finale, or it could go the way of Lost? There's a reason for that analogy. If you've never seen it, and you feel a harshly disappointing ending to a series will ruin the whole thing for you, (and I DO mean "HOLY CRAP, I WASTED 140 HOURS OF MY LIFE ON SOMETHING YOU SAW FIT TO JUST CRAP ON LIKE THAT FOR A FINALE!?!?), I'd recommend not watching the last season and making up your own ending. That's what I wish I'd done!

State of Affairs

This show started out incredibly promising, my husband and I were really excited, but after the third episode, we're pretty much done with it. It gets harder and harder to maintain a positive opinion of Katherine Heigl's character, and once you start to dislike a main character, it's all downhill from there. I appreciate the whole 'girl power' thing they're trying to do on a political front, but it's just not working.

Jane the Virgin

Initially watching this, I expected more of the same smutty, poorly written, and clumsily portrayed yuck that the CW has been putting out. I happily admit I was wrong. Jane the Virgin is cleverly written and is actually nearly as addicting as the actual telenovelas it has been modeled after! Looking forward to more of this show!