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Agent Carter is a brilliant, exciting new show! Hayley Atwell portrays Agent Peggy Carter brilliantly! Her character is fierce, courageous and sexy. The show does well, balancing an accurate portrayal of women in the workforce post WWII with the intense action-adventure theme known for in Captain America. Additionally, the old-school technology gives the viewers a much-needed break from the complexity of Carter's sister show, Agents of Shield.

The Resident

Love this show! I was a huge fan of Revenge so I am really happy to have Emily VanCamp back on my screen. This show is full of energy, comedy, and good drama. There is a really good romance brewing too... Shaunette Renee Wilson is also a gem in this.


Revenge is the epitome of TV! Emily Vancamp is an amazing actress; her ability to communicate the inner-depths of her character astounds me each and every episode. I just love to hate Emily's victims and I feel heartbroken every time she cries. Her character is so strong but when she cries the audience can witness her at her weakest moment and we grow more emotionally involved with her crusade. This show features everything I look for in good TV. It has humor (thank you Nolan!!!); beautiful scenery; breathtaking gowns; slamming parties; cool tech (thank you again Nolan!!!); and so much spycraft, backstabbing, and adrenaline-filled fights! Best of all the audience never knows what is going to happen next! The writers are not afraid to kill off main characters, ruin their lives or change them forever.