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I grew up on watching TV Shows of the 50s,60s& 70s ! I spent more time in the 80's working & Partying to watch as much tv as listening to radio. I also grew up on the Radio stations of NYC in the late 50s&60s , which taught me Music also.I love Sex,Drugs & R&R but don't abuse anyone or anything , Just saying !

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Coming Soon !

13 Shows

Shows coming in near Future or so they say ! April 1st every year 100's are on the way !

Best Detective & Police Shows !

28 Shows

Stories on the Police Forces wherever they may patrol !

What's up Doc ?

25 Shows

Best of Medical practice Shows

TGIF......Thank Goodness Its Finale , I'm Stuffed , But Very Tasty !?

49 Shows

They were Good while they lasted , just sayin' !

You Might Like This , I'm So-So

34 Shows

Its too soon to be positive ! or Negative

Best New Shows starting a new Season in March !

27 Shows

2015 , Will add only what I think are worth seeing !

Really good acting !

32 Shows

Some shows that I feel make it Real , because of Performances not Special Effects !

Get this Crap outta my Virtual reality !

14 Shows

Should not be watched by anyone Human !

Better then Good !

69 Shows

Just top of My Favorite Chart List !

Are you NUTS ?

53 Shows

Too Crazy !