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Addictive sitcoms and some reality shows that I secretly luv but will deny any association when confronted

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Just watched first season Again! Only a month after my first binge and still think this show is Riveting! Breathtaking ! Undoubtedly Best tv show of 2015! US networks owe it to their viewers to buy this show unless they are worried if it will make majority of their own productions look ...uhm 'pale' in comparison.Hats off to entire ensemble for spectacular acting performances, sublime direction, dazzling costumes, scrupulously written script and dialogues ; ofc Canal Plus for mesmerizing us with another phenomenal historic epic like Borgia that we cant have enough of watching over and over again.


Plot is based on yet another pagan/clan lifestyle. It is Not an original script as the topic is too familiar and predictable. Poliakoff's Tribe still remains undoubtedly the best written and performed example for the genre.Having said that after third episode, I'm begining to doubt whether the show will ever live up to what can be defined as pagan, as it very much lacks substance... merely looks as if its about struggle of bunch of ignorant squatters . Even the effects and myth about farrel wine is somewhat ambigious yet to be established.

War & Peace

Much anticipated recent uptake of Tolstoy's epic masterpiece has so far been a disappointment. It has all the glamour yet no depth. BBC's 1972 version still remains to be the best adaptation version in English though battle scenes were shot terribly. Inner voice monolgues in the '72 version were instrumental in reflecting depth and inner struggle of the amazing characters in the masterpiece. Then again, in the earlier tv adaptation, young Anthony Hopkins portrayed Count Bezukov superbly, whereas in present production, Paul Dano appears to be wrong choice in terms of living up to standards required to play such a complex character, if for nothing in terms of articulation of mimics alone. More , in terms of content , recent War & Peace is more like an accelerated version ...crash course on Tolstoy's War & Peace for dummies, if you like, omits much of content, essential battle scenes vastly reduced... political landscape of the Tzar regime is slightly depicted, in short lacks the effort in staying close ,if not true to the masterpiece.Yet costumes and locations are dazzling