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Addictive sitcoms and some reality shows that I secretly luv but will deny any association when confronted




Just watched first season Again! Only a month after my first binge and still think this show is Riveting! Breathtaking ! Undoubtedly Best tv show of 2015! US networks owe it to their viewers to buy this show unless they are worried if it will make majority of their own productions look ...uhm 'pale' in comparison.Hats off to entire ensemble for spectacular acting performances, sublime direction, dazzling costumes, scrupulously written script and dialogues ; ofc Canal Plus for mesmerizing us with another phenomenal historic epic like Borgia that we cant have enough of watching over and over again.


Daring, of Nesbo brought to life by amazing ensemble of actors. Scrupulous direction! Chillingly probable!


It is artsy by poetic progression but not by dialogues or composition ; not complicated at all to decipher as it is serves forth a genuinely straightforward, sublime and poignant fold of events before you. Indeed this show can be deemed as the tv show that gets across the message in most efficient,poignant and sublime manner. Not a moral sermon hammered to yer head but is one of the most compelling, articulately built, poetically composed criminal suspense drama of our times ; which I believe should never be adapted, as each attempt of adaptation wears fibres away of its authenticity.This show is additionally praiseworthy for me as in Saga of Bron/Broen I finally found the heroine that I can most associate with . Despite heroine's background resembling nothing like mine, she is the heroine that I finally can connect with.Don't you love shows that makes you question yourself under new light?