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Oddball and the Cops

2 Shows

Shows where law enforcement teams up with someone unusual or quirky.

Left Us Hanging

10 Shows

Shows that ended in a profoundly unresolved manner.

A Crush Led Me Here

11 Shows

Shows I like primarily because of (or entirely because of) a crush on one of the actresses/characters.



Prodigal Son

Not an especially original premise, but the first episode does show some promise. Good acting, nice chemistry, and I admit I kinda want to see where it goes.

The Dresden Files

Brilliant! Departed from the books in some significant ways, but stood well on its own merits. Great acting (superb for a Science Fiction show on SyFy), well written, and very nice special effects. Cancelled not because of low ratings, but because the channel it was on wanted cheaper shows. Well worth a watch.

Pushing Daisies

One of my favorite shows of all time. Whimsical and dark, absurd and serious, and tragically romantic. I adore all of the main characters and found myself really rooting for them. I strongly recommend this show to anyone with a sense of humor. It ended too soon, but the last episode has a quick epilogue that ties things up in a happy little bow. Give it a chance!