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Oddball and the Cops

2 Shows

Shows where law enforcement teams up with someone unusual or quirky.

Left Us Hanging

10 Shows

Shows that ended in a profoundly unresolved manner.

A Crush Led Me Here

11 Shows

Shows I like primarily because of (or entirely because of) a crush on one of the actresses/characters.




Based on the pilot it's an excellent start to a new show. Established the new hero quickly and competently, without overdoing the drama. Ruby Rose did a great job, so that's very promising. Despite the low lighting it's still not as grimdark as much of DC's stuff. I'm also glad that they revealed what they did in the final moments, rather than dragging it out over half a season or more.

Prodigal Son

Not an especially original premise, but the first episode does show some promise. Good acting, nice chemistry, and I admit I kinda want to see where it goes.

Pushing Daisies

One of my favorite shows of all time. Whimsical and dark, absurd and serious, and tragically romantic. I adore all of the main characters and found myself really rooting for them. I strongly recommend this show to anyone with a sense of humor. It ended too soon, but the last episode has a quick epilogue that ties things up in a happy little bow. Give it a chance!