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TV shows and films are my only friends. That is all.

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Will it last? Will I last watching it? Only Time will tell.

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New Shows to pass the time and test the waters.

People got Issues man! aka Drama

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Drama/Deep-ish shows easy to watch cos its just NOT MY PROBLEM :D

Sci-fi/Comic book/Fantasy

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just what it is

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This Is Us

Completely won over and smittened by these seemingly unrelated characters after just 1 episode. This is really heartwarming, conscious and thematically relatable on man-ny levels (see what I did there)
Totally worth a watch. Mandy Moore is not annoying either.

The Good Place

This show speaks to me homie!!
Its like it takes all the bits of cynicism there is about people, places, things, ideas etc then packages into a delightful, whimsical, mystical and funny 20 odd minutes show.


Rejects, Outcasts, Criminals and Losers walked in a bar and decided to Start-up a company for various reasons. There is no punch line.
Great character development, intense moments and dodgy american accents. Worth watching especially if you are a defender of equality but found there is something missing.